Yesterday we were presenting the second edition of the fanzine at the Team CommUNITY Global Gathering (Portugal) It was very exciting! There were many folks from different countries: bolivia, colombia, kenya, egypt, canada, united states… and more!

It was a real pleasure to share our process (and feelings) with such great people, who showed so much interest in our work, thank you so much for this magical moment! 🥰

During this conversation many people asked how to access the content if they did not speak Spanish.

We explained that writing the fanzine in Spanish (our first language) was a political decision, since most of the technical documentation is in English and remains inaccessible to many people.

Of course, from the beginning we have dreamed of translations of the fanzine into different languages, but it is a task that we have not yet been able to tackle… we always encourage the community to make translations of the fanzine if they have the energy and time. We would love to see the fanzines translated into other languages!

After these conversations, we came up with some options of translation facilitated by technology (in the absence of human translations).

Here are some options through browser plugins:

These plugins do an automatic translation as the page loads.

Note: we will always recommend the use of alternatives to Google, a company that is an expert in violating digital rights worldwide. Precisely because of the massive extractivism of data, its technology for automatic translation is excellent... 😭

Don’t forget, if you can, everything is better without Google! and if there is no other way… at least be aware of this reality.

We love to be read! no matter how! 😍

Here you can find more info on translation options.